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Metal Treatment MT-10®

The keystone of the Muscle product line is its anti-friction lubricant additive Metal Treatment MT-10®. But this is not your ordinary oil additive – it treats the metal, not the oil. MT-10® is recommended for personal, commercial and fleet automobiles and trucks. When MT-10® is added to the existing oil, the moving metal parts of the engine are polished and sealed, which reduces friction-related heat and wear. MT-10® promotes protection and will not build up or change tolerances.

  • Enhances engine performance

  • Improves fuel mileage

  • Decreases friction & wear

  • Protects internal parts

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MT-10® Transmission

This is the same MT-10® metal-conditioning formula, but packaged especially for the transmission rebuild aftermarket. Metal Treatment MT-10® Transmission is recommended for both automatic and standard transmissions. This product is an industry leader in reducing those costly comebacks because it reduces frictional heat and wear without surface build up.

  • Enhances transmission performance

  • Extends transmission life

  • Decreases friction & wear

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Hybrid Engine Treatment™

Hybrid Engine Treatment™ is formulated specifically for today’s hybrid engines… engineered to treat the metal…not the oil... for reduced friction and wear and enhanced engine performance. For use in low viscosity, fuel saving motor oils used in hybrid engines.

  • Protects metal surfaces of internal, moving metal parts, i.e. bearings, pistons, cam, crankshaft, lifter

  • Reduces friction-related heat and wear

  • Lowers operating temperatures

  • Increases horsepower

  • Improves fuel economy

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Power-Lift Grease PL-10™

Power-Lift Grease PL-10™ is an anti-wear, extreme-pressure, lithium-complex grease with anti-friction additives. PL-10™ is unique because its formulation contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology for superior lubrication. PL-10™ treats, seals and protects metal surfaces to dramatically reduce friction-related heat and wear.

  • Continuous operating temperature range: 0°F to 450°F (-17°C to 232°C)

  • Typical dropping point: 525°F+ (273°C+)

  • NLGI #2

  • Reduces operating temperatures

  • Extends equipment life

  • Protects from friction, heat & wear

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Penetrating Oil SL-10™

Penetrating Oil SL-10™ is a penetrating oil and heavy-duty spray lubricant that contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology and Power-Lift Grease PL-10™ lubrication. SL-10™ quickly penetrates into hard-to-reach areas to loosen seized and corroded nuts, bolts and other metal mechanisms. SL-10™ also provides long-lasting protection from rust and corrosion.

  • Fast-acting penetrating oil

  • Loosens seized & corroded metal mechanisms

  • Protects against rust & corrosion

  • Heavy-duty lubricating action

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Moist-Out MO-10™

Moist-Out MO-10™ is a light spray lubricant, penetrating oil and demoisturant – all formulated into one superior product. Contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology.

  • Quick moisture displacement

  • Lubricates, penetrates & inhibits rust

  • Protects against corrosion

  • Creeps into hard-to-reach areas

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Diesel High Performance DHP-10™

Diesel High Performance DHP-10™ is a new generation, multi-functional, concentrated diesel fuel additive. DHP-10™ cleans injectors and minimizes deposit formation for continuous fuel flow, which results in improved fuel quality and performance. The lubrication characteristics of DHP-10™ protect pumps and injectors from wear and premature failure. Contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology.

  • Improves fuel lubricity & quality

  • Lubricates, cleans & protects entire fuel system

  • Boosts cetane for improved fuel performance

  • Will not change sulfur ratings

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Fuel Treatment FT-10™

Fuel Treatment FT-10™ is a fuel additive for gasoline and diesel engines. FT-10™ dissipates moisture in the fuel system to enhance engine power, increase mileage and reduce harmful emissions. For continued performance and protection of your fuel system, use FT-10™ with every fill up. Contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology. FT-10™ is also great for improving fuel oil furnace operation and inhibiting bacteria in bulk fuel storage tanks.

  • Cleans & protects fuel system

  • Increases mileage

  • Reduces harmful emissions

  • Complies with Federal sulfur content requirements of diesel engines

  • E-15 compatible

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Air Tool Oil AT-10™

Air Tool Oil AT-10™ lubricates, cleans and protects piston and rotary type air tools. AT-10™ removes gummy deposits, stops rust, and repels air line moisture and water spray. AT-10™ will give your air tool more power and speed, smoother operation, and improved reliability. Contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology.

  • Lubricates, cleans & protects

  • Stops & inhibits rust

  • Extends tool life

  • Repels air line moisture

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Throat ‘n Throttle TNT-10™

Throat ‘n Throttle TNT-10™ cleans the intake manifold, combustion chamber, throttle plates, valves, idle air control (IAC) valve, passages and piston heads of gasoline engines. TNT-10™ is added directly to the combustion chamber through the vacuum system with the application tool. TNT-10™ dissolves varnish and carbon build up, lowers harmful emissions, and improves overall engine performance. Professional installation required. Contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology.

  • Improves engine performance

  • Fast cleaning action

  • Reduces harmful emissions

  • For gasoline engines only

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BlueIce IC-10™

BlueIce IC-10™ is a gasoline and diesel fuel additive formulated to remove gums, varnishes, carbon deposits and corrosive build up on injectors, carburetors and valves. IC-10™ also disperses water in the fuel for optimal engine performance, while lubricating valves and upper cylinders. Contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology.

  • Cleans, lubricates & protects

  • Improves engine performance

  • Completely disperses water

  • Increases mileage

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