Fuel Treatment FT-10™

Fuel Treatment FT-10™


Fuel Treatment FT-10™ is a fuel additive for gasoline and diesel engines. FT-10™ dissipates moisture in the fuel system to enhance engine power, increase mileage and reduce harmful emissions. For continued performance and protection of your fuel system, use FT-10™ with every fill up. Contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10®technology. FT-10™ is also great for improving fuel oil furnace operation and inhibiting bacteria in bulk fuel storage tanks.

  • Cleans & protects fuel system

  • Increases mileage

  • Reduces harmful emissions

  • Complies with Federal sulfur content requirements of diesel engines

  • E-15 compatible

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Typical Applications

  • Gasoline and diesel engines

  • 2- and 4-cycle engines

  • Fuel oil furnaces/boilers

  • Fuel storage tanks

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Directions for Use

Mix well before use.  Add FT-10™ to fuel tank prior to refueling.  FT-10™ blends easily with the fuel during fill up.

Engines: Initial use - add 2 oz. for each 10 gallons of fuel.  Follow-up use - add 1 oz. for each 10 gallons of fuel every fill up.  In cold temperatures (< 32°F / 0°C), keep using the 2 oz. dose rate at every fill up.

2- and 4-cycle engines:  Add 2 oz. of FT-10™ to 5 gallons of fuel.  High-performance engines:  Increase dosage to 4 oz. to 5 gallons of fuel.  Keep using the oil mixture recommended by the 2-cycle engine manufacturer.

Furnaces, boilers and storage tanks: Add 2 oz. of FT-10™ per each 10 gallons of fuel.