Muscle MT-10® Transmission

Muscle MT-10® Transmission


Typical applications:

  • Automatic transmissions

  • Standard transmissions

  • MT-10® Transmission can also be applied directly to parts during rebuild

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Directions for Use

  • Automatic transmissions – Add 8 oz. of MT-10® to transmission through fluid tube.  For large transmissions, i.e. Allison, add 1.5 oz. of MT-10® per each quart of fluid.

  • Standard transmissions – Add 1 oz. of MT-10® per each pound of gear lube.

NOTE:  Do not use MT-10® in ATV automatic CVT transmissions with EBS (Engine Braking System). Not recommended for use in CVTs and CVT fluids. Use caution if adding to a shared engine, transmission and clutch fluid reservoirs. If the frictional plates of the wet clutch contain metal in the surface coating, MT-10® may cause clutch plate slippage due to the reduced friction.