Metal Treatment MT-10® Transmission



  • Lowers operating temperatures

  • Frees valve body for optimum performance

  • Eliminates governor hang-ups caused by contamination & surface spiking

  • Keeps oil passages, orifices & ball checks clean & fully operational

  • Extends the life of the transmission by eliminating premature failure with improved lubrication

  • Reduces metal particle fallout & debris caused by friction & wear

  • Removes varnish buildup

  • Eliminates lock-up chatter in the torque converter

  • Insures proper shifts

  • Safe for seals & gaskets

  • Reduces costly call backs


One of the biggest enemies to transmissions is heat. When MT-10® Transmission is added, heat is significantly reduced. MT-10® addresses the extreme-pressure (EP) areas, such as planetary and worm gear systems, along with bushings, bearings and shafts. MT-10® will not affect sprag or clutch friction necessary for the operation of the transmission.

Metal Treatment MT-10® Transmission is an industry leader in reducing those costly comebacks because it reduces frictional heat and wear without surface build up.

Reduce those costly comebacks… Use Muscle MT-10® Transmission.



  • Automatic transmissions

  • Standard transmissions

  • MT-10® Transmission can also be applied to parts during rebuild

NOTENot recommended for use in CVT (Constant Variable Transmissions) transmissions and CVT fluids.

Use caution if adding to shared engine, transmission and clutch fluid reservoirs. If the frictional plates of the wet clutch contain metal in the surface coating, MT-10® may cause clutch plate slippage due to the reduced friction.

MT-10® is not intended to cure mechanical failures.

Need an automatic transmission assembly lube? Try Muscle Penetrating Oil SL-10, a heavy-duty spray lubricant for pre-lubing and conditioning all metal parts.

For more information, click on the links below:

MT-10® Transmission Product Data Sheet (PDF)

MT-10® Transmission Safety Data Sheet (PDF)