Automatic Transmissions and Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10®


Three Areas of Concern

In the automatic transmission rebuild business, there are three major areas which cause concern for the proper operation and longevity of the transmission. Those areas are:

  1. Heat

  2. Valve body operation

  3. Governor operation

Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® directly affects each of these factors.


When MT-10® is added to a transmission, heat will be reduced significantly. Why? Because MT-10® is a metal treatment that chemically reacts with metal-to-metal contacts, sealing the micro pores of the metal, thus reducing the frictional coefficient.

MT-10® will not build up on the surfaces of metals as moly, polymer and PTFE will. Build up can cause serious consequences and problems in the sprag, roller clutch and friction plates.

MT-10® addresses the extreme-pressure and heat areas, such as planetary and worm gear systems, along with bushings, bearings and shaft areas. This product can keep the transmission from overheating, even under load conditions.


Valve Body Operation

Metal Treatment MT-10® will free a sticking valve body to cause optimum transmission performance with no recurrence of sticking or intermittent hang-ups.

When MT-10® treats the metal and seals the micro pores, it lifts all contaminants, such as varnishes, lacquers, dirt and even those that cannot be seen with the unaided eye. When this occurs and the metal is sealed, dirt and contaminants will not re-affix themselves to the metal. Therefore, smooth and continuous transmission operation will occur with no danger of future contamination.

Keep in mind, however, that MT-10® is not intended to cure mechanical failures. There are instances where only disassembly and rebuilding a transmission will correct a problem. For example: A large piece of metal in the valve body or warping of the body due to extremely high heat.

Governor Operation

There are certain governor systems which have produced quite a few headaches because of their unique tendencies to hang-up for no apparent reason. There are basically two reasons these hang-ups occur:

  1. Contaminants

  2. Microscopic surface spiking of the metal

Microscopic surface spiking also occurs in valve body systems due to electrolytic corrosion of the metal.

Metal Treatment MT-10® addresses both of these problems. Contamination is dealt with in precisely the same manner as previously described in valve body operation.

With the problem of surface spiking, MT-10® will seal the micro pores of the metal on both adjacent surfaces and the spikes as well, causing the friction of the contact areas to be reduced to nearly zero. At the same time, the sealing action of the MT-10® stops the electrolytic corrosion and prevents further formation of any spikes or surface irregularities of the metal.

Points Directly Treated by Metal Treatment MT-10®

  • Valve body bores

  • Valves

  • Governors

  • Metal sealing rings

  • Accumulator pistons

  • Servos

  • Planets

  • Gears

  • Bearings

  • Thrust washers

  • Ball checks

  • Bushings

Benefits From the Use of Metal Treatment MT-10®

  • Keeps valves and governors free due to dramatically reduced wear and subsequent reduction of debris and metal particle fallout.

  • Removes varnish build up, which severely affects oil flow and hard-part operation. This keeps oil  passages, orifices and ball checks clean and fully operational.

  • Penetrates the micro pores of metal surfaces, allowing lubrication from within the metal itself.

  • MT-10® will not affect seals or gaskets or sprag or clutch friction.

MT10-Trans_Closeup (1).jpg

Lubrication Problem Areas in Automatic Transmissions

Drive train core critical wear areas:

  • Thrust Washers

  • Thrust and radial bearings

  • Planets and drive gears


Results of poor lubrication:

  • Subsequent microscopic metal particle fallout

  • Debris and carbon due to high temperature fluid decomposition

  • Excessive heat and premature parts failure

Critically affected parts:

  • Pump body (stator) valves

  • Valve body valves

  • Governor valves

The resultant particles (metal) and debris (carbonous) impedes valve operation and causes intermittent sticking and high wear. Needless to say, these particles and debris cause high wear and other problems, such as blocked or constricted passages and orifices in other areas of the transmission (servo, accumulator, etc.)

Note: Metal Treatment MT-10® is not intended to cure mechanical failures.

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