Moist-Out MO-10™

Moist-Out MO-10™

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Typical Applications


  • Distributor and plug wires, wet or damp ignitions, electrical circuits, motors,  controls, starters, relays, radios and electronic equipment

Light Lubricant

  • Locks, hinges, gears, gear trains, levers,  linkages, bearings, cams, motors, tools, metal mechanisms, industrial equipment and any other metal-to-metal moving or sliding surfaces

Corrosion Inhibitor

  • Protects hinges, tools, locks, linkages, levels, cams, gear trains, wheels, industrial equipment, and other metal mechanisms or sliding parts

  • Protection from rust during long-term storage

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Directions for Use

Remove as much excess moisture as possible before spraying MO-10™. After application, wipe away excess lube with a clean, dry cloth.

WARNING! Never spray any demoisturant on a live circuit. Serious shock or injury may occur.