Firepower FP-10™

Firepower FP-10™

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Firepower FP-10™ is the ultimate in total care and maintenance of firearms, weapons and weapon systems. FP-10™ cleans, removes lead, lubricates, guards against extreme pressure and wear, and protects from corrosion. FP-10™ contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology for better lubricity, which improves bore accuracies due to reduced coefficients of friction between the bullet surface and rifling lands of the barrel.

  • Lubricates & preserves

  • Reduces weapon failure rates

  • Stops & inhibits rust

  • Keeps moving parts functional in adverse conditions

  • Eliminates stainless steel galling

  • Repels water & moisture

Typical applications:

  • All types of firearms, weapons and weapon systems

  • Hinges, rails and ways, slides, latches and moving metal mechanisms

  • Air rifles and paintball guns

  • Multi-purpose lube

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Shooter’s Lube Kit includes:
One bottle Firepower FP-10™ 1 oz
One jar Power-Lift Grease PL-10™ 1 oz
Six cleaning patches
Six cotton swabs

 Directions for Use

Clean: Moisten cloth patch with FP-10 and run through the barrel to remove loose fouling.  Use one or two patches as needed.  Always attempt to clean weapon from its chamber end. Apply FP-10™ to a bronze bristle bore brush. Run through full length of barrel 8 to 10 times. Remove loosened fouling with a dry patch.  Apply FP-10™ and brush another 8 to 10 strokes through the barrel.  Allow to soak for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove loosened fouling again.  If heavy leading is still present, repeat process until fouling is completely removed (patch comes out clean). Finish using a patch lightly moistened with FP-10™ and remove excess oil, which will leave an even coating in the bore for protection.  Clean and remove excess FP-10™ from the chamber, action and other moving parts.

Lubricate: Apply FP-10 sparingly to metal parts that slide and move. Work the moving parts several times to ensure proper lubrication.  Wipe off excess lube with a clean cloth.  Take extra care to dry all surfaces. Excess lube may cause sand and dust to adhere.

Preservation / corrosion protection: Apply FP-10 liberally to metal surfaces with a soft, clean cloth. Gently rub FP-10™ into the surfaces until nearly dry. For extra storage protection, do not wipe off the lube until the firearm is removed from storage. Remove excess oil before firing.