Soluble Cutting Oil SC-10™

Soluble Cutting Oil SC-10™


Soluble Cutting Oil SC-10™ is a fully formulated, water soluble cutting fluid that is used in a wide range of metalworking applications. SC-10™ works on an advanced achievement application of multiple metalworking technologies that induce ionic bonding agents and metal film strength reducers. SC-10™ contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology for lubricity enhancement and friction-reducing properties. If your operation requires a full-strength insoluble cutting oil or additive, try Muscle Power Cutting Oil PC-10™.

  • Extends tool life over conventional oils

  • Provides smoother finishes

  • Enhances cutting ability

  • Protects parts & equipment from rust

  • Excellent cooling properties

Typical Applications & Emulsion Ratios

  • Light machining of soft to medium hardness steel

    Typical emulsion ~ 20:1

  • Grinding operations requiring excellent cooling and a lower ratio

    Typical emulsion ~ 40:1

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Directions for Use

Reduce Soluble Cutting Oil SC-10™ with water to the desired emulsion ratio depending on the operation.