Chain Lube CL-10™

Chain Lube CL-10™

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Chain Lube CL-10™ is a light oil that lubricates, cleans and protects – three functions formulated into one superior bike lube. CL-10™ is designed to withstand some of the most destructive and challenging cycling conditions. CL-10™ contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology for a unique lubricating boundary film that not only protects the metal parts from wear, but diffuses dirt particles, repels moisture and protects against corrosion.

  • Lubricates, cleans & protects

  • Smooths drive train operation for superior acceleration

  • Protects against rust & corrosion

  • Resists dirt, mud & grit accumulation

  • Repels moisture

Typical Applications

Recommended for all types of cycling – performance, casual, mountain, road, etc.  Lubricate, clean and protect:

  • Chain and drive train

  • Bottom bracket bearings – repack with grease*

  • Front and rear hub bearings – repack with grease*

  • Handlebar stem and pinch bolt

  • Brake level pivots and brake arm fixing bolts – be careful NOT to get lube on the brakes!

  • SPD pedals

  • Bolts and cables

  • Quick release levers

  • Bicycle frame – wipe it down to clean and protect

*NOTE: For your grease needs, try Muscle Power-Lift Grease PL-10.

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Directions For Use

Application is key – Apply Chain Lube CL-10™ sparingly using a soft-bristled brush (i.e. toothbrush) while turning the chain backward. The cleaning properties of CL-10™ will displace the old lube and grime. Wipe off the excess (too much of any oil tends to attract dirt). After your ride, wipe off the grime, but only re-lube when you feel a change in your ride or bike’s performance.