Firepower FP-10



  • Lubricates, cleans & protects

  • Reduces weapon failure rates

  • Stops & inhibits rust

  • Keeps moving parts functional in adverse conditions

  • Eliminates stainless steel galling

  • Repels water & moisture

  • Dramatically improves lubrication

  • Penetrates quickly for lubrication to remote areas

  • Protects against corrosion

  • Improves bore accuracies

  • Cleans the weapon, removing accumulated powder, lead, plastic & other debris

  • Contains no solid lubricants or harsh solvents

  • Will not build up on metal surfaces

Firepower FP-10™ is the ultimate firearm lubricant for total care and maintenance of firearms, weapons and weapon systems. FP-10™ lubricates, guards against extreme pressure and wear, and protects from corrosion.

FP-10™ contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10®  technology for better lubricity and boundary film lubrication. This advantage makes FP-10™ unique by polishing, sealing and protecting metal surfaces. Using FP-10™ allows for improved bore accuracies due to reduced coefficients of friction between the bullet surface and rifling lands of the barrel. How is this possible? Because FP-10™ causes an even build of pressure during ignition. The bullet experiences less frictional resistance from the lands, resulting in an improved accuracy, which is expressed in better average velocities, extreme spreads, standard deviations and bullet groups.

Firepower FP-10™ improves weapon reliability.

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  • Firearms

  • Hinges

  • Rails

  • Slides

  • Latches

  • Moving metal mechanisms

Improving the Functional Reliability of Your Weapons

Firepower FP-10™ improves reliability and dependability of firearms even under hostile heat and other adverse environmental conditions. Most feeding and extraction problems of semi-automatic and full-automatic weaponry are caused by at least one of three conditions:

  1. High heat from repetitive fire;

  2. Hostile environmental conditions, such as sand or dirt; and

  3. Burnt powder accumulation through firing.

FP-10™ protects against all three sources by influencing the proper function of the weapon as explained below:

High Heat

Many semi- and full-auto weapons dysfunction after periods of fire sufficient to build up and transfer high heat to the receiver and its moving parts. This occurs because the intense heat changes the fine tolerances of the weapon through swelling and the vaporization of existing lubricants in critical areas of operation. This causes an increase in frictional coefficients with the slides, bolt carriers and other moving metal parts. When this occurs, the spring forces, originally engineered to function under proper conditions, become stressed and will not exert the increased force needed to eject spent casings and retrieve new rounds from the magazine while delivering the bolt carrier to its full battery position.

Firepower FP-10™ will permeate the metal surfaces of all moving metal parts to which it is applied and dramatically increase the lubricity. Even if FP-10™ appears to “vapor off” under intense heat, the boundary film layer created by this product will still be present and continue to provide lubricity and low coefficient of friction operation.

Hostile Environments

Firepower FP-10™ will reject dust, sand and other airborne particulates from the surfaces of the weapon because of its lubrication technology, which forms a chemical boundary film through reactive chemical bonding. Additionally, FP-10™ protects the firearm from rust and corrosion that can be caused by exposure to rain, salt water and other forms of moisture. Please note, however, that an excessive amount of any kind of oil tends to attract dirt. Use FP-10™ in a modest to light application and wipe off the excess lube.

Burnt Powder Accumulation

As with adverse environments described previously, Firepower FP-10™ will reject burnt powder and fouling from the lubricated surfaces of the weapon. This technology prevents the accumulation, or buildup, of copper and gilded metals from jacketed bullets when FP-10™ is used regularly to lubricate, clean and protect the weapon.

When used as a cleaner, FP-10™ removes burnt powder and lead better than any non-corrosive product in the marketplace. A thorough swabbing of the chamber and bore with a patch wet with FP-10™, then allowed to sit and work briefly will remove the powder and leading. In severe cases of lead buildup, FP-10™ should be left in the bore from two hours to overnight. This allows FP-10™ to work through and tunnel under severe accumulations, entirely removing the buildup from the bore and chamber.