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Can I add Muscle MT-10® Transmission to my CVT (Constant Variable Transmission)?

We do not recommend using MT-10® in CVTs and CVT fluids.  Note that some off-road vehicles utilize CVTs with Engine Braking Systems (EBS).  Never add Muscle MT-10® or any other friction modifier to a CVT with EBS. The EBS works on the basis of metal-against-metal friction to slow it down. Using MT-10® will reduce that much-needed friction.


Will Muscle MT-10® or MT-10® Transmission cause my wet clutch to slip?

Muscle MT-10® has been used successfully in engine and/or transmission fluid reservoirs shared with the clutch (wet clutch).  But please use caution by first determining the type of surface coating on the frictional plates. If the surface coating contains metal, MT-10® may cause clutch plate slippage because of reduced friction when in contact with the steel plates.