Power Cutting Oil PC-10



  • Extends tool life

  • Increases cutting speeds & production rates

  • Provides more metal extraction per cut

  • Improves surface finishes

  • Reduces tool head & metal surface temperatures

  • Excellent extreme-pressure properties

  • Provides process visibility

  • Contains rust & corrosion inhibitors

  • Contains no solid lubricants, active sulfer, sulfinated ash, or chlorinated solvents

  • Can be used in a wide range of applications

Power Cutting Oil PC-10™ is used in a wide range of cutting and drilling oil applications and is specifically designed for dual functionality: Use full-strength or as a supplemental coolant additive to the existing insoluble oil. 

PC-10™ contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology, along with ionic bonding and lubricity enhancement agents. This results in reduced surface temperatures and extended tool life.  PC-10™ is not water soluble. If your operation requires a water soluble fluid, try Muscle Soluble Cutting Oil SC-10.



  • Full-strength, undiluted cutting oil

  • Supplemental additive to insoluble oils

  • Heavy-duty machining, drilling, tapping, cutting, milling, CNC, broaching, sharpening, ballizing & wet grinding

NOTE: Not recommended for use with water glycol compounds or triphenol butylated phosphate oils.