Throat ‘n Throttle TNT-10



  • Cleans: intake manifold, combustion chamber, throttle plates, valves, idle air control (IAC) valve & passages & piston heads

  • Quick cleaning process – no waiting for the cleaning agent to flow through the fuel system

  • Dissolves varnish & carbon build up

  • Prevents build up in catalytic converter

  • Lowers harmful emissions

  • Improves engine performance


Throat ‘n Throttle TNT-10™ cleans the intake manifold, combustion chamber, throttle plates, valves, idle air control (IAC) valve, passages and piston heads of gasoline engines. TNT-10™ is added directly to the combustion chamber by way of the vacuum system with the application tool. TNT-10™ dissolves varnish and carbon build up, lowers harmful emissions, and improves overall engine performance.  Contains Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® technology for improved lubrication throughout the entire combustion system.

After cleaning your combustion system with Throat ‘n Throttle TNT-10™, add Muscle BlueIce IC-10 to the fuel tank to continue the cleaning process throughout the fuel system. A clean fuel system provides better fuel flow to the ignition system, resulting in improved engine performance.



  • Gasoline engines

NOTE: TNT-10™ is not a fuel additive - it is designed to clean through the vehicle's vacuum system.  Professional installation is required.