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Is Muscle MT-10® compatible with synthetic oils?

Yes, Muscle MT-10® is compatible with the major brand-name synthetic oils found in your local auto parts and discount stores. However, if you go outside the realm of these everyday synthetic oils, please consult with our Technical Dept. for further information. There are so many brands in the marketplace that we can’t possibly list them all here. 


How long should I wait before using Muscle MT-10® in my new car or truck?

Allow a “break-in” period of 3,000 to 5,000 miles before adding Muscle MT-10® to your new vehicle. This allows a minimum wear pattern to begin and cause proper seating of the rings in your engine. By adding MT-10® after the break-in period, wear will be retarded and proper compression will be achieved in the engine.

Will Muscle MT-10® keep my oil clean and make it last longer?

After adding Muscle MT-10® to your engine for the first time, you’ll notice darker oil during your first oil change. This is because a cleaning process takes place during initial use. Over time, varnish and sludge will build up in your motor. MT-10® contains a cleaning agent that slowly removes this build up. Once MT-10® is added to your engine several times per instructions, you will see the oil return to its normal color.

No, we do not recommend extended oil changes due to factory specifications. Follow the same maintenance schedule for your vehicle that is recommended by its manufacturer.


One 8-oz. application of Muscle MT-10® in my engine works great! Will it work better if I add even more?

No. More is not always better. We have calculated the most effective dosage of Muscle MT-10® per application. Changing application ratios would change the parts per million concentration that we have recommended. Also, excessive amounts of MT-10® may change the viscosity of the oil or cause the oil to be displaced.

I noticed the RPMs dropped while accelerating to 55 mph in my vehicle. Is this Muscle MT-10® at work?

Yes, that’s Muscle MT-10® at work. RPMs are reduced because there is less friction in your engine and transmission. Lower RPMs translate to more efficient engine and transmission operation. More efficient system operation means less energy is needed to get to where you want to go, which also translates to better fuel economy.


Will Muscle MT-10® fix a loud noise in my engine?

While Muscle MT-10® will quiet a running engine due to reduced friction and wear, it will not ‘fix’ a loud noise in your motor. Those loud noises tend to be mechanical problems, and you should see your mechanic as soon as possible. The goal of using MT-10® is to prevent those ‘loud noises’ from occurring.

Will my engine leak oil after adding Muscle MT-10®?

No, Muscle MT-10® will not cause your engine to leak oil. The product is compatible with the seals, and the properties of MT-10® are the same as engine motor oil.  However, there have been rare cases in which leakage occurred after adding MT-10® because there was a large amount of sludge in the engine. Once MT-10® began working in the system, it slowly removed the sludge, exposing seal cracks that had been plugged by build up. The few cases reported to us involved high-mileage vehicles or vehicles lacking proper maintenance.


Will Muscle MT-10® hurt my oil filter?

No, Muscle MT-10® will not hurt your oil filter. Your filter is designed to remove small particles of metal and debris from your engine oil. These particles are of a solid form. MT-10® contains no solid particulates in its formulation that would cause harm to your filter.

Can I add Muscle MT-10® to my oil if there is another oil treatment already in it?

We do not recommend you add Muscle Metal Treatment MT-10® to the oil if it contains another oil additive or oil treatment. MT-10® is a metal treatment. It attaches to the pores of the metal and lubricates the surfaces. An oil treatment may alter the chemical compounds of your oil. If the compounds have been altered, MT-10® may not perform as expected. For best performance, add MT-10® to your oil at the time a complete oil change is done per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended schedule.